Documentary Filmmaking by Jake Viramontez
May 24, 2024 12:15 PM
Jake Viramontez, Documentary Filmmaker
Documentary Filmmaking by Jake Viramontez

Jake Viramontez is a filmmaker with a professional journey spanning over 15 years, humbled by the opportunity to share stories that resonate deeply with audiences worldwide. Throughout his career, Jake has had the privilege of exploring over 50 countries, immersing himself in diverse cultures, and learning from the rich fabric of the human experiences.

In 2020, Jake founded Sown, a non-profit organization committed to creating character driven films that raise funds for various non-profits in communities worldwide. Through Sown's initiatives, Jake and his team have crafted ten films, each contributing to meaningful causes and raising essential funds for various organizations. From helping raise $300,000 for a secondary school in Tanzania to aiding hundreds of homeless in Detroit and building homes for dozens of families in India, Jake remains grateful for the chance to play a small but meaningful part in these impactful projects.

Sown's latest endeavor in Haiti serves as a testament to the collective effort of many, as it spearheads a $10 million fundraising campaign to establish a vital health clinic in rural Haiti. It's a reminder of the incredible things that can be achieved when people are bound together through storytelling and compassion.

The success of Sown has attracted a global network of over 175 filmmakers, each eager to volunteer their time and talents to support non-profit causes. Jake's work has garnered recognition on platforms such as the Kelly Clarkson Show and the TEDx stage, and his influence extended to inspire Sony Electronics to launch the Create Action campaign.

Jake lives in West Sonoma County with his wife and two children, where he continues to pursue his passion for storytelling and making a meaningful impact on the world through film.